Buying a New Build House [1 of 2]

With the government having recently announced a subsidised mortgage initiative for new build homes, we thought it would be a great time to talk about what to watch out for when planning on buying a new build properties.

It’s a contentious area for some, since it’s been known for newly developed houses to contain expensive defects. We’d recommend you pay attention to the following tips, with more to follow next week:

Six tips on buying new build properties

1. See if you can get an idea of how well the building site has been managed. Speak to the people who have already moved in to get a feel quality, workmanship and aftersales service.

2. Research the developer/builder on the Internet. New Build Inspections is in the process of compiling reports for each of the major house builders in the UK.

3. Check that the house has a warranty, most likely from Zurich Municipal, the NHBC or Premier. Be aware that these provide no guarantee that your home will be free from problems and are primarily insurance schemes for the developer not the home owner.

4. Check if there is an affordable housing scheme on the site. If there is, find out whether these homes will be managed by a housing association or other organisation. This will help you make an informed decision about your purchase and the avenues available to you.

5. Take measurements of the property with respect to your furniture. Pay attention to the stairs and the garage in particular (if there is one), as these are often designed for ‘average’ cars.

6. Check the site and plans carefully, particularly when buying off-plan. Remember that the marketing material is likely to use artists impressions and should not be misconstrued as accurate or representative of the finished product. If you feel your property has been misrepresented, contact your local Trading Standards Office for further advice.

This is the first six of fourteen tips so carry on to the next article to complete your research on new build houses.  Remember we can help you sell your current house

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