Can’t Sell my House!

Our inbox is full of emails from sellers asking for tips on how to “sell my house quickly“. “How can I make my house more attractive to a potential buyer?” writes Mr S from Oldbury. He’s had his house on the market for over 12 months without a single prospective buyer. Often, we hear a similar question from vendors who have had a number of viewings but no offers. “What am I doing wrong?” they ask.

Here’s our advice:

  • It’s a buyers market. You need to stand out from local competition. Ask yourself why a buyer would choose your home over the other house for sale just down the road, or the one around the corner. What distinguishes your house from theirs? What are your selling points? Once you’ve identified what they are – work them!
  • Consider the condition of the inside and outside of your home. The inside should be neutrally decorated and uncluttered – a blank canvas for the prospective buyer. What does it look like externally – does your house have “kerb appeal?” If not, what can you do to improve the situation? A lick of paint on the window frames and walls can work wonders for first impressions!
  • Once you’ve got the house looking ship-shape – get some quality photos taken. Hire a professional if necessary. Shoot with wide angles in good light for maximum effect. Take a lot of photos and make sure as many of them as possible are used in marketing material and on the web when advertising your home. People like to be able to refer to these both before and after viewings so if you don’t have multiple internal and external shots of your home, you’re selling it short.
  • Get an idea of who’s doing what in your area. What agencies have a high success rate? Who advertises in what papers and websites? Does this align with where people are actually looking for homes to buy? If your agent is not the best, or you’re not happy with their service, don’t be afraid to replace them!
  • Get feedback from viewings if possible. Find out what the prospective buyers did and didn’t like about the house. Take action where necessary. If the garden furniture or bedroom wallpaper put them off – get rid of it!
  • Ultimately, you want to present your property in its best light and sell it for the most you can. But sometimes you may also need to consider the possibility that the market won’t pay the price you’re asking for. We understand you don’t want to “give your house away”, but our advice in this situation would be to price the house to sell. After all, things are only worth what someone is actually willing to pay for them. The agent may have told you that your house is worth £150k, but if you have to reduce the price to £130k to actually sell, this is a reflection of its true  market value.

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