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Buying a New Build House [1 of 2]

With the government having recently announced a subsidised mortgage initiative for new build homes, we thought it would be a great time to talk about what to watch out for when planning on buying a new build properties. It’s a contentious area for some, since it’s been known for newly developed houses to contain expensive... Read More »

Stamp duty

Stamp duty originated in the 1600s to fund the war against France and it has somehow carried on to the present day. Unfortunately, for a seller, it can be the reason why a buyer would pull out of a sale especially if your house is priced around the thresholds as shown below: Purchase Price Rate... Read More »

Do we need the banks? Halifax, the great big bank, has released a report stating that houses are more affordable now than they were in 2003.  Well, at least in some areas – London is definitely not included.  The report is informative and tries to make promises about getting first time buyers back on the market.  It is a... Read More »