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Dudley is one of the cheapest places to buy a house

According to this article, Dudley is one of the cheapest places to buy houses in the UK when compared with the salary of those who live in the area.  Other areas mentioned in the study seemed to be Birmingham, Wolverhampton and a few other places.  So that means three out of the ten places listed... Read More »

Can’t Sell my House!

Our inbox is full of emails from sellers asking for tips on how to “sell my house quickly“. “How can I make my house more attractive to a potential buyer?” writes Mr S from Oldbury. He’s had his house on the market for over 12 months without a single prospective buyer. Often, we hear a... Read More »

Accidental Landlord?

So there seems to be a new -ish term in town at the moment.  It is the accidental Landlord.  You almost always know one when you meet them on the web or in person.  There is a line of strain over their brow as they come to terms with their new role in life.  The role of... Read More »

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