negative equity

Equity or lack thereof… Another report stating what most people know to be true, so I suppose it just confirms it.  A whopping third of the properties that have a mortgage on them are in negative equity!  It is not as bad as in the 90’s, they say, but how does knowing that help us today?  We, in... Read More »


So today has been an interesting day.  I have been visiting with estate agents!  It was a great day in terms of the weather though pretty warm when walking up and down city centre roads.  Anyway, best to think of the calories lost in all the exercise.  Every time I walked into an  office, I... Read More »

What next for property? I still remember my father-in-law stating that one of the worst things that could happen to a homeowner is to fall into negative equity.  I have always dreaded the idea of my property being worth less than what was owed on it.  It is just like owning a new car and the moment you... Read More »

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