Sell my house

Estate Agents

Selling your house can be quite a daunting proposition and definitely not one to take lightly.  It usually is the most expensive thing you own and so, some care is required in the handling of it.  Most people are aware of this so who do they turn to?  The professionals- the estate agents. Now some... Read More »

Accidental Landlord?

So there seems to be a new -ish term in town at the moment.  It is the accidental Landlord.  You almost always know one when you meet them on the web or in person.  There is a line of strain over their brow as they come to terms with their new role in life.  The role of... Read More »

Property in Oldbury

Hi all, We are on the lookout for property in the B68 and B69 region. Any price, any condition.  Give us a call for a quick no-obligation chat.... Read More »

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