Depressing in more ways than one!

This evening has been spent watching ‘The Sorceror’s Apprentice’ with the lovely Nicholas Cage while keeping myself informed on the state of the housing market.  I finally stopped reading through the Telegraph when I realised I was getting more and more depressed reading through the articles and the comments.  Go on, read it for yourself and see:

There seems to be a lot of disheartening news at the moment when it comes to property prices.  They are falling again, just when you think they might have reached their bottom.  I do find myself wondering if it is all just a media driven trend.  Buyers want the property prices to fall while sellers want them to remain high, who will win?  In the short term, this might be determined by the media.  In the long term, the strength or weakness of the market- the actual market – will decide.  There were a few comments about the bankruptcy of the nation, is this true or just a conspiracy theory?  The truth is, we do not know and those who do know, are not telling.  So what can we mere mortals do? Think!

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