Dudley is one of the cheapest places to buy a house

According to this article, Dudley is one of the cheapest places to buy houses in the UK when compared with the salary of those who live in the area.  Other areas mentioned in the study seemed to be Birmingham, Wolverhampton and a few other places.  So that means three out of the ten places listed as affordable are in the West Midlands region.  What does this mean for home sellers?

If you are based in Dudley, you have probably noticed what is happening to the town centre.  There is now a pay day loan shop on one of the main streets and also there is a Gold for cash shop as well. The more mainstream shops are closing and shops like these are becoming the norm.  Unfortunately, this says something about the state of affairs in Dudley.  There are a lot of people looking for work and not enough people spending on the high street.  This means people are not necessarily looking to buy houses in the area, at least not in great numbers.  This is of course unfortunate for you if you are selling a house.

Time and again, I am coming across people who are giving into repossession.  Their bills greatly exceed their income and they do not see a way out.  So who are you going to sell your property to?

There was definitely a rush on properties at the beginning of the year which was great but unfortunately that has reduced a little now as interest rates rise and the stamp duty freeze ended.

However, we are still on the lookout for houses in the Dudley area.  Look around the site, there are innumerable tips on how you can position yourself to sell to the open market.  Do your research and you will find out how to price your house to sell.

If however, you have tried to do this and you are still struggling to sell, then why not give us a call? We have professionals who work in the area who are looking to buy properties.  With Russells Hall Hospital in the area, there are a lot of health care workers looking for somewhere to live.  The thing is sometimes they want flexible ways to pay.

We particularly want 4 or 5 bed houses in the Dudley area, though we are open to any kind of properties.  We have a professional family looking to pay a substantial monthly amount each month to buy your 4 or 5 bed house.  Are you open to the possibility of selling your house at market price really quickly?  Then give us a call or fill in the form on the side of the page and be free from your home loan as soon as you want.



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