Are you in financial difficulty and maybe even considering bankruptcy?  Have you lost your job or been made redundant? Are you starting to feel the pinch of trying to make your finances add up?  Are your payments a bit too high for comfort?

Don’t worry!

We can help you even if your home loan is more than the value of your house.  It does not matter whether you have equity in your property or not, there may be a solution for you.

  • Save your credit rating

  • Solve your financial concerns swiftly and privately

  • Stop paying, let someone else do it

  • Move quickly into another more affordable home

  • Relieve any stress or pressure you may be feeling

Here at AnyHouseBought, we know what it is like to feel the overwhelming pressure each day of wondering how to get rid of your debts, wondering how to keep making payments, how to make it through each day.  We speak with people in this situation each day. You feel tied down and unable to see a way clear.  You may be working all the hours you can and still not be making a difference to your debts.   Please call us on 01384 468336 or fill in the form on the right and we will, with no obligation and complete confidentiality, chat with you to find your best option.  The worst thing to do would be to bury your head in the sand, trying to pretend it is not happening.

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If you are past the above stage and heading to repossession, have a look here.

Remember, we can help even in cases of little or negative equity.

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